2014 Winter · reflections

Taking time out

Find rest in God alone; your hope comes from Him. –Psalm 62:5

“Time Out” (9×12″ watercolor by Bonnie P.)
A glimpse into Bonnie’s real life “time out” at her in-home art studio.

Where does your soul find rest? Do you have a particular place in your home to which you regularly retreat for time with the Lord? Do you draw near to Him through music, journaling, or simply by opening His word? Give us a glimpse into your home. Submit a picture and/or story of your own “quiet time corner” to wmt@ecpca.org. We want to see where you take refuge for quiet (or not-so-quiet) times with God as part of our Quiet Time series.

bonnieBonnie is a wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandma, artist, art teacher, passionate reader, and more. She and her husband have been married 45 years and have been at ECPC for about 15 years. Her artwork is a personal response to the glory of God in creation, and her biblical foundation worldview is reflected in all that she creates. She has three married sons and seven grandchildren. 

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