2014 Spring · reflections

Wherever and whenever

by Cameron H.

14_cambedI have never had a regular “place” to meet with God, which may be unusual, and that’s okay. I’m at a stage of life where I can usually remain uninterrupted for fairly long periods of time most days, so in some sense, I am not as disciplined in my time with Jesus as I was when my daughters were young.

There used to be a sense of urgency–an ongoing frustration of feeling like I never had the quantity of time that I would like to have. My days consisted of brief, fervent prayers offered sporadically as glimpses of his glory (a crocus popping through the brown stubble of winter, perhaps) brought forth praise, or as desperate pleas (for patience as once again both girls must have the same toy at the same time) gushed from the depths of my soul. There were lots of index cards posted around the house with scripture verses to draw my heart toward God in whatever challenges I was dealing with at the time.

I’ve always believed that daily quiet time should be a high priority, but I never felt like I quite measured up to that elusive definition for what it should look like, either in time or in content. Nor did I do it well. In the past I may have made an idol of my carefully guarded, structured Bible study time. This time typically (but not daily) took place during the girls’ naptime or during the time they were required to entertain themselves in their rooms. God was faithful to meet me wherever I plopped, be it a hard-backed kitchen chair or in a floating lounge chair in our pool. I believe the quality was there during those brief moments of solitude–short, precious, and sweetly refreshing.

Nowadays I spend a lot more time with God, but it still remains fairly unstructured and not always in a consistent place.

When I wake in the morning, there is a cup of coffee on my bedside table that my husband Phil has left for me. I prop up the pillows and usually spend the next 30 minutes listening to one chapter each read to me from ten different books of the Bible using Professor Horner’s Bible Reading app. Prayer gets me focused on my day.

14_camdeskLater I settle down at my desk in the kitchen with my computer and work on my Bible study for Wednesday morning or my Journey Group material. This always involves deeper research as God nudges me to dig deeper into certain areas. The tools at my fingertips are endless! Colossians 2:8 admonishes me that discernment is critical as I am aware that the enemy would love for me to get off course:

See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.

There is much false teaching easily accessible, so I limit the resources that I use–on guard that even those I trust most highly are mere humans and subject to error. I have recently been challenged to read opposing views and become familiar with those other philosophies and human traditions. This takes me out of my comfort zone, but also draws me back the Bible to understand Truth more fully.

Whether it’s the quality of those frantic prayers or the quantity of in-depth Bible study, I love the freedom we have to move quickly and closely into God’s presence, wherever and whenever and always!

Where does your soul find rest? Do you have a particular place in your home to which you regularly retreat for time with the Lord? Do you draw near to Him through music, journaling, or simply by opening His word? Give us a glimpse into your home. Submit a picture and/or story of your own “quiet time corner” to wmt@ecpca.org. We want to see where you take refuge for quiet (or not-so-quiet) times with God as part of our Quiet Time series.

h_cameronCameron serves on the Women’s Ministry Team at ECPC, where she and her husband have been members for 23 years. She is passionate about connecting women with each other through Bible study and on her neighborhood social committee. A former IBM computer programmer, she is a lover of life who enjoys reading, gardening, babies, exercising, travel, camping, laughing, scuba diving and spur of the moment get-togethers with friends. She and her husband have been married 33 years and are thankful to have their two adult daughters living and working nearby.

One thought on “Wherever and whenever

  1. I so appreciate the inter generational dynamics among our ECPC women. And I loved hearing Caneron’s candid “story” about her ongoing Quiet Times and Bible study. The common thread in each season of her life is that she is a woman of the Word.

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