2014 Spring · reflections

Refreshing reminder

by Christa G.


Father for Thy promised blessing,
Still we plead before Thy throne
For the times of sweet refreshing,
Which can come from Thee alone
Blessed earnests Thou hast given,
But in these we would not rest
Blessings still with Thee are hidden,
Pour them forth and make us blest!
Give reviving, give refreshing,
Give the looked-for Jubilee
To Thyself may crowds be pressing,
Bringing glory unto Thee
–“Give Reviving”

As a mother to two small children, I very rarely get “quiet time.” But in the midst of the chaos, My Lord and Sustainer meets me, revives me, and refreshes my soul.

In the moments when I can feel so overwhelmed, He reminds me how much I need Him–a reminder I hope never ends.

Where does your soul find rest? Do you have a particular place in your home to which you regularly retreat for time with the Lord? Do you draw near to Him through music, journaling, or simply by opening His word? Give us a glimpse into your home. Submit a picture and/or story of your own “quiet time corner” to wmt@ecpca.org. We want to see where you take refuge for quiet (or not-so-quiet) times with God as part of our Quiet Time series.

g_christa Christa and her husband Steven have been married seven years and are busy parents to a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. She has been a member of ECPC since 2011, where she serves on the Worship Team and the Women’s Ministry Team. She loves to be creative, and enjoys sewing, knitting, singing, and reading books on theology in her spare time (when she can find it).

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