2014 Spring · reflections

Fresh-baked blessing

by Christina F.

I don’t remember much of those first few days of motherhood. But there are a few things I recall with a good bit of clarity.

I remember being very, very hungry. And I remember being very, very tired. And I remember the parade of women who marched in through my front door, commandered my kitchen for a moment, held my baby briefly, and then let themselves out, leaving behind fresh baked breads and casseroles and bagged salads to nourish my weary body.

And my weary soul.

These women–with their 9×13 pans and their paper plates so I wouldn’t have to wash dishes–they were the hands of Jesus to me at a time when my hands and heart were full to overflowing with the needs of another.

But I can also remember another time when thoughts of food were far from me. When my heart and hands felt suddenly very, very empty. When my husband struggled to care for me while two hungry children bounced around a vacant kitchen. When the physical and emotional pain of a child lost in early pregnancy made dinner the last thing on my mind.

But the women and their casseroles marched on. Into my kitchen, in the midst of my tears. They offerered hugs, and prayers, and then they got to work doing what the body of Christ is called to do. They were not put off by the awkwardness of presenting a tray of brownies to someone who has just lost a child. We were hungry, and they fed us. We were sad, and they comforted us, by the simple act of meeting a simple basic need.

I have been on the giving and the receiving end of this Pyrex-dish ministry, and I know one thing for certain: Everyone needs to eat. Whether the cause is celebration or hardship, a meal won’t solve everything, but it will solve something.

So bake your favorite casserole, or swing by the grocery store for a rotisserie chicken and some sides, or have a pizza delivered. And know that as you do so, your act of service and sacrifice for another may be just the encouragement they need.

Our church meals ministry exists to be a blessing to others. Click here to find out more about how you can be involved in the ministry of providing meals to those in need.

f_christinaChristina and her husband Justin have been members of ECPC since 2011. A homeschool mom to four young kids ages 1 to 6, her life is an unending cycle of chaos and reorganization (a sanctifying routine that that leaves her perpetually reminded of her need for a Savior). She enjoys reading, writing and overseeing the care and nurture of this blog in her spare time. She’s looking forward to celebrating her tenth wedding anniversary this summer.

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