Prayers for our Women

January: Humility


Ever wondered exactly what your Women’s Ministry Team does? (Besides, of course, planning fun events throughout the year and asking you to join us?)

We have a few goals outlined to answer that question, but we realize that none of our goals will be achieved on their own. So the women on your Women’s Ministry Team (because it’s your ministry, ladies!) are committed unreservedly to praying for each other, for the ministry as a whole, and for the individual women that make up East Cobb Presbyterian Church.

Each month, our Prayer Chairman provides us with a verse to pray for our women. We pray for specific needs within our body as we are aware of them. If you have a specific prayer request, please contact us at, or reach out to one of the members of your Women’s Ministry Team.

This month, our prayer for you comes from 1 Peter 5:6-7. We pray that each of you would humble yourselves under God’s hand, knowing that His help will come at the right time. We pray that you would not be anxious, but would give Him all your cares. 



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