2014 Winter · reflections

No little people, no little places

by Bonnie P. December brings with it creative ways to celebrate the season with personal memories and traditions. For about fifteen years now, this month has been my time to reread a book by Francis Schaeffer called “No Little People.” Be forewarned. You will not find it on any recommended reading list for Advent or… Continue reading No little people, no little places

2013 Fall · reflections


by Maryanne H. It has been said that sisters are the perfect best friend. Loyal. Long-suffering. True. Unconditional in love, honest in concern. Sisters are unbreakable in their bond, held together by the threads of history, bound by genetics and shared experience. Sisters understand a dimension that might boggle the most intuitive husband’s mind–after all,… Continue reading Sisters

2013 Fall · reflections

Everyone needs a Peter, James, and John

by Karen B. Where I come from, the saying goes that there is nothing more than corn in Indiana. And I can assure you that’s true. Before moving to Georgia, our backyard offered a stunning view of an enormous cornfield. There were rows and rows of corn with houses in between. As far as activities… Continue reading Everyone needs a Peter, James, and John

2013 Fall · reflections

A season short and sweet

by Elizabeth H. Last summer a dear friend mentioned that she had very little time and had exchanged her quiet times alone with God for quiet times together with her children. “This is a season,” she explained. Is that legal? I thought. I mean, how can quiet time even be quiet with children involved? Visions… Continue reading A season short and sweet