women’s ministry team goals

Goal One: Prayer

Women’s Ministry Team (WMT) members commit to pray for each other, the women’s ministry, and for the women of East Cobb Presbyterian Church.

The Prayer Chairman may have suggestions of scriptures and other means to encourage Ministry Team members to pray on a regular basis. Ministry Team members are encouraged to seek her advice in their desire to be women of prayer.

The WMT will continue to encourage ECPC women to be women of prayer.


  1. The WMT will support the efforts of the Prayer Chairman.
  2. Reflections, published on the ECPC Women’s Ministry website (www.ecpcwomen.com) may include articles addressing prayer, praying women, how to pray, why pray, etc.

GOAL TWO: Evangelism, Fellowship, Teaching, Encouragement

The WMT will enfold women into women’s ministry by providing opportunities for, and stimulating
1) Spiritual growth,
2) Encouragement in their Christian walk, and
3) Fellowship with the women of ECPC.

These will be addressed by:

  1. Having an evangelical current flow through each WMT activity.
    1. Speakers will be asked to consider the unchurched and unsaved women at events as they develop and deliver their messages;
    2. Each WMT member and any special speakers at events will be prepared to share Christ and offer the seeker an opportunity to have a relationship with the Lord.
  2. Providing various settings where women’s faith in Christ, and her friendships with other Christian women can be developed, nurtured, and enriched – which might include:
    1. Bible Studies
    2. Prayer Groups
    3. Special Events and Women’s Annual Retreat or Conference
    4. Other ECPC sponsored women’s gatherings

GOAL THREE: Spiritual Gifts

The WMT will help ECPC women of all ages to identify and develop their spiritual gifts, and encourage the purposeful and frequent use of their gifts for the benefit of the Body of Christ, and to His glory.


  1. Continuing education
    1. Periodic Reflections articles on ECPC Women’s Ministry website discussing the graciousness of God in giving us spiritual gifts, the benefits to the Body of Christ when one uses her gifts, and how to determine what one’s gifts are; and spotlighting examples seen in the church at ECPC women using their gifts.
    2. Testimonies and stories at women’s events of how a woman’s gift was used to benefit the Body of Christ and glorify the Lord.
    3. A Bible study or speaker topic at a women’s event (e.g. Souper Supper, Women’s Retreat).
  2. Each WMT member will keep alert to the obvious or potential gifts she sees in other women at ECPC, and explore avenues to encourage development and use of women’s gifts by:
    1. Alerting various ministries of ECPC to a woman’s potential so leaders can invite her to participate in these ministries.
    2. Encouraging leaders of women to be willing to nurture the gifts women bring to ECPC and the WMT through purposeful mentoring and/or spiritual mothering activities.

GOAL FOUR: Leadership Development

The WMT will identify, develop, and nurture leadership for Women’s Ministries.

  1. WMT members will humbly and publicly demonstrate godly leadership of women’s ministries under the authority of the ECPC Session.
  2. We will encourage WMT members to attend the annual Leadership Training Workshop; and participate in team building and leadership development in-services and / or other opportunities for the WMT and (and potential leaders, if possible), as they are made available.
  3. WMT members will adopt a pro-active mentoring attitude toward potential leaders.

GOAL FIVE: Spiritual Mothering of Women

The WMT will seek to incorporate women into events/activities at a level of participation and responsibility commensurate with their spiritual gifts abilities, availability, and desires.

  1. The WMT will seek to support mentoring and spiritual mothering relationships between women of all ages.
  2. Reflections articles on the women’s ministry website may include (poignant) interviews with women partnered in a spiritual mothering relationship or in a woman/teen mentoring relationship.

GOAL SIX: Supporting Mercy Ministry

The WMT will support the ECPC Mercy Ministry by providing practical and spiritual assistance. The WMT will encourage the women of ECPC to participate in ministering to those in need.

  1. WMT will seek to minister to the spiritual needs, as well as physical/material needs of the recipients, as identified by women or deacons.
  2. Reflections articles may be used to teach about, report on, and promote the ECPC Mercy Ministry effort.
  3. The WMT will support mercy opportunities throughout the year that would help bring the women together in service to others.

GOAL SEVEN: Communication to ECPC Women

The WMT will maintain and improve communication from the WMT to the women of ECPC through:

  1. The ECPC Women’s website,
  2. Weekly emails,
  3. ECPC website,
  4. Pulpit and Sunday school announcements,
  5. Events’ sign up table and brochures, and
  6. Bulletin board displays of WMT activities.

GOAL EIGHT: Importance of Goals & Communication of Goals

The WMT will continually improve upon, implement and communicate to the women of ECPC the WMT Goals.

  1. The WMT – off-going and remaining – will review the goals annually, making and discussing suggestions for effectiveness, and improved practicality and implementation strategy. The WMT’s goal will be to annually, and at the Lord’s prompting, expand the depth and breadth of its vision of women’s ministry and support of ECPC ministries.
  2. The WMT will, by general consensus, approve and adopt the annual goals by June annually.
  3. The annual goals (abbreviated version) will appear in the fall of each year, in an article to be found on the Reflections page of the ECPC Women’s Ministry website.

approved September 2014