2014 Fall · reflections

Seize the Season

guest post by Megan Almon Here’s the deal… It’s Christmas (as if the post-Halloween tsunami of red and green didn’t give that away). And if those around you know that you love Jesus, they’re expecting you to talk about him. Actually—counter-intuitive though it may seem for those who try so hard to be spiritually “normal”—for… Continue reading Seize the Season

Prayers for our Women

November prayer for our women

Last month the ladies serving on your Women’s Ministry Team prayed for the women of our congregation, by name, that each you would find wisdom in the Scriptures to apply to your own life, and that through your study of it, you would be “equipped for every good work.” This month our prayer for you comes from Colossians… Continue reading November prayer for our women

Prayers for our Women

October prayer for our women

Ever wondered exactly what your Women’s Ministry Team does? (Besides, of course, planning awesome fun events throughout the year and asking you if you want to help?) Well, we have a few goals outlined to answer that question. We realize that none of these goals will be achieved on their own, so the women on… Continue reading October prayer for our women

2013 Fall · reflections


by Maryanne H. It has been said that sisters are the perfect best friend. Loyal. Long-suffering. True. Unconditional in love, honest in concern. Sisters are unbreakable in their bond, held together by the threads of history, bound by genetics and shared experience. Sisters understand a dimension that might boggle the most intuitive husband’s mind–after all,… Continue reading Sisters

2013 Fall · reflections

Everyone needs a Peter, James, and John

by Karen B. Where I come from, the saying goes that there is nothing more than corn in Indiana. And I can assure you that’s true. Before moving to Georgia, our backyard offered a stunning view of an enormous cornfield. There were rows and rows of corn with houses in between. As far as activities… Continue reading Everyone needs a Peter, James, and John