scripture writing plans

February Scripture Writing Plan

Writing out scripture is a simple way to spend a few minutes each day focusing your mind and heart on God. Use the plan below to guide you through the month of February. You can find a copy of this month’s plan to download and print in the folder HERE. *Original idea by Shannon over at the… Continue reading February Scripture Writing Plan

Prayers for our Women

November prayer for our women

Last month the ladies serving on your Women’s Ministry Team prayed for the women of our congregation, by name, that each you would find wisdom in the Scriptures to apply to your own life, and that through your study of it, you would be “equipped for every good work.” This month our prayer for you comes from Colossians… Continue reading November prayer for our women

Prayers for our Women

October prayer for our women

Ever wondered exactly what your Women’s Ministry Team does? (Besides, of course, planning awesome fun events throughout the year and asking you if you want to help?) Well, we have a few goals outlined to answer that question. We realize that none of these goals will be achieved on their own, so the women on… Continue reading October prayer for our women

2014 Spring · reflections

Excellent summer studies for you and a friend

by Maryanne H. Summer is fast approaching, and with it a change in scheduling. Kids will be out of school, families will be traveling. And in all of the fun disruption, devotional time will require its own flexibility. The long and free weeks of summer are a great opportunity to re-group and gain new direction.… Continue reading Excellent summer studies for you and a friend